Dakar 2017, stage 6: Special cancelled due to heavy rains


The sixth stage of the Dakar 2017 between Oruro and La Paz was
designed in the first term to the dispute of a special time of 527
kilometres for bikes, quads, cars and UTV’s and 513 kilometres to the
trucks. However, the difficult meteorological conditions that are
to blight the region, have forced Race Direction to to take the decision of cancerlar your celebration. The heavy rains that are affected to the stage that I had to spend the stage they have been forced to rule out the alternative that had been drawn with a distance reduced. In this way, the sixth special stage of the Dakar will not be played.

In a first time, had designed a new route that was going to starting at kilometer 21
of the special original and finish in the kilometre point
364, to the height of the WP4
. The route of the special was thus reduced to 343
miles, a distance that would have been very similar for all categories. However, the increasing intensity of rainfall has forced discard this idea and void and any option of competing in the day of 7 January. So has announced the own Marc Coma, maximum responsible of the Direction of the Sport Dakar.

After this decision, the Dakar caravan will move to The
Peace by paved road
in what will be regarded as a stretch of link
to the capital of Bolivia, a stage that will host the camp of the rally
during two consecutive days, the entire time that the cancellation of the sixth
stage sum the rest day scheduled for Sunday 8
. In this way, the competition in the Dakar will not return until Monday,
as long as the weather allows. For that day is planned
dispute of the special between La Paz and Uyuni, being the first part of the
marathon stage.

Profile of the sixth stage (Oruro – La Paz)

  • Profile for the categories of bikes, quads, cars and UTV.


  • Profile for the category of trucks.