Dakar 2017, stage 7: It’s time to talk about future


Marc Coma has given a dose of hardness extra the Dakar 2017, recovering some of its essence with the finishing touches made in the navigation. All in all, the suspension of the sixth stage and the rest day has allowed speaking about the future and in this aspect, Etienne Lavigne as Director of the Dakar, has spoken of the great dream that has the organization of the test. Under the name Dakar-Pacific, the goal is to get to a race that crosses the whole of South america from south to north following the coast of the Pacific, and crossing countries on their way.

In this aspect, Etienne Lavigne has explained that he would be happy to design a Dakar that could start in Buenos Aires or Santiago de Chile, engaging in either of the two versions both Argentina and Chile. From there, the Dakar-Pacific would go on to conquer the entire coast of the South Pacific following his tour of Peru, Ecuador and Colombia, where the end of the test would be located in Cartagena de Indias. A test of this magnitude it is difficult to see in 2018, but the Director of the Dakar is struggling to see a race of these features in the near future.


To achieve this dream, Etienne Lavigne you know that it has in its favor
all countries at one time or another have shown their desire to
be part of the Dakar
, although it is quite more difficult to get to the
institutional support sufficient to cover the race. For your
part, Chile and Peru should get back in the race after having
out of the same by the various natural disasters. Both countries
are key to the time of provide mileage in the desert terrain real,
the dunes at altitude in Bolivia have been a breakthrough, but
move away from what is desired.

In fact, Bolivia has shown once
most have a problem with the weather
. For that the race is
demanding you have to play at a high altitude and that means that the
caravan encounters on a recurring basis with inclement meteorólogicas.
Since the Dakar has stepped Bolivia, the cancellation of a stage or
the reduction of the mileage has been a constant
. Although it is a country
that offers some pretty cool things for the Dakar, having a stage cancelled and two
cut as has happened in the Dakar 2017 is a toll that may
Etienne Lavigne is not willing to assume, although it has been recognized that
will touch all the doors