Dakar 2017, stage 7: Marathon, also statements


Ricky Brabec has premiered his achievements in the Dakar with his first stage victory, after which he explained: “I Wanted to get a better result than last week, which has been hard for me and all the team for the penalty. There is still a week ahead that we can bring positive things. Has been great to win this stage. The first day I was at the point, I even had an opportunity on the second day. I am very proud of myself. Now I’m close to the twentieth post and I would like to zoom in to the top ten. Although my initial goal was to aim for the top five. We’ll see how everything goes”.

Although he did not win the stage, Sam Sunderland has been one of the winners of the stage after strengthening its leadership: I’m pretty happy with the day, especially taking into account that the stage has been more difficult than I expected. I was pleased to learn that acortaban the special because today I had to open the track. All in all, it has been very hard. There was a lot of vegetation, so that it was difficult to see the track clearly. We have had to make a pilot very physical in the mud, which is interesting for the race. It is possible that you have made some navigation errors but I do not think have been the único”.

Sergey Karyakin has scored the victory in the quads and in addition is the new leader of the category: “We’ve had two days of rest and thanks return to
the race
. I think that this week we will not have rains so violent and that
we’re going to be able to take full advantage of. Has been a stage rather pleasant, I have not
tried to attack it thoroughly and I still believe that the result has been good
. By
of course, I was a little nervous because I really wanted to win this
race, which is the hardest in the world. It would mean that I am the most resistant
of all the drivers of quads”.


Stéphane Peterhansel has improved its situation in the clasificacióntras win the seventh stage: “there has Not been a stage easy, with a lot of navigation. there Were some places something soft, not large dunes. We had the advantage of having traces of Loeb and Nani. And, for our part, we have not made mistakes. this Is the second stage win in the rally and we will by all. Then you will accounts. Going to be a fight, as the last year. With Loeb, but also with cyril Despres, which is not too far behind. And then Nani is still very fast and gives good navigation. in The end all this provides us with a nice race“.

Sébastien Loeb has lost 48 seconds in the stage, but remains a major threat to Peterhansel: “at The beginning, the navigation was difficult in the dunes and had control points complicated to find. But we have done a good job. We have not removed never much of the path, or in his absence, we have returned to find quickly. In the end it was a good stage. I don’t know yet what has been the exact outcome, but I have not advance anyone, so that’s a good sign. It’s the kind of special that is very good to Stéphane. we’re Not going to complain“.

Nani Roma is the one that has given up more ground at this stage, but that has not stopped him from storming the podium in the car category: “At the kilometer 60, Stéphane overtook me and I tried to follow him, but had no chance. On two occasions almost came out the car going round bell tried to reach you, so I decided to stop taking risks. I’m happy with what we have done today because the navigation was not easy. We are still close and we will return to lower altitude in the next stages, in which the Toyota will get better results. Still many things can happen“.