Dakar 2017, stage 8: Success and failure on arrival to Salta


Joan Barreda has earned the victory in the eighth stage
of the Dakar after attack from the first km: “there Has been a lot of water in
the first part of the stage. And also fog. It has been difficult to fly for visibility.
We’ve encountered with zones and steps with a lot of mud, in fact I’ve sunk
several times. Despite everything I have managed to keep the concentration in that stretch.
After, it was a land more quick, mountainous and stony. I attacked until the
the last part, where the tyres were a little worn and the bike
he would skate. I Am satisfied with the stage, it has been nice to be able to attack. The
day has been good for me”

With all Sam Sunderland has managed to withstand the attacks
Barreda: “The start of the special has been loaded from mud and water.
I have stopped several times to change goggles and gloves. I did not see my ‘road
book’ nor did I know where to go. I have twisted the brake disc back when it hit a
rock in rio
. It’s frustrating because I have lost time, but I couldn’t stop
behind, and on a track of WRC type, very slippery, I tried to control
to reach the finish line. All in all, I’ve had several scares. We are in a phase in
the there is to know to control
. A Dakar win in a bad stage, not in a

Ignacio Casale has scored the stage in quads: “Has
been a good day, especially considering that we were putting the
snap to a marathon stage. I rode at a good pace while still feeling comfortable
with the quad
. I think I’ve done a good stage because I have recovered ground. Up
today it has all gone well. This year I’ve adopted a strategy more conservative
to get to the rest day. I have the quad in good condition for
to face the second part of the race
. And yes, I feel confident. When one
do not trust in himself, he can not ganar”.


All in all, Sergey Karyakin is still the leader among the
quads, although it now has only ten minutes from Ignacio Casale,
perhaps your opponent is more dangerous: I have Not gone so well today as yesterday, because
I have had problems with a piece that had no spare and I have taken
about fifteen minutes in order to resume the race. After, I had a puncture. All in all, the
landscapes have been a spectacle, and I really enjoyed riding. And I’m still in
the fight with Casale, don’t think I have given a lot of time today despite the problems we’ve had”.

Sebastien Loeb has joined the victory and is the new leader in
cars, despite a puncture: “On the stage today we wanted to open the hole,
but in the absence of 80 km for the goal, the crossing the ford of a river, we failed
and lost several minutes
. It is a pity, because up until that
time, we were the fastest. The battle with St├ęphane is most close. Wheel
fast and makes no mistakes. Off the track manages to make time. I’m not
insurance Bethlehem, in the desert, it is truly my land. can Be
to say we are doing well, but we are not safe from nada

Nani Roma has been the voice of resignation: Has been a stage really bad. During the
rest day, our attendance worked on the car but the changes
introduced do not have assortment just effect. We have been able to view the article in the link and in
the second part, he has gone somewhat better. But both Giniel and me we lack
power at altitude
, the motor does not perform as it should. There are still two stages
difficult in that many things can happen. You have to accept the
reality as it is. Shot butt, we would take a lot more risks, but
we don’t feel safe enough to do so”.