Dakar 2017: The 100 best images of the Dakar


The 39th edition of the Dakar has closed its doors with the triumphs of St├ęphane Peterhansel in cars, Leandro Torres in the new category UTV, Eduard Nikolaev in the trucks, Sam Sunderland in the bikes and Sergey Karyakin in quads. Names associated with the achievement of a ‘Touareg’ however do not reflect the effort that is behind each of the projects that have been present on the Dakar 2017. From the winners to the pilots who were barely able to complete a few miles, all are already a part of the history of the raid of the world’s toughest, for hundreds of reasons.

Perhaps for this reason, the best way to put an end to the Dakar 2017 is with a photo gallery in the that without being all the riders and teams present, if that reflected the hardness that you have had to deal with, as well as the distinct climate difficulties that have forced it to cut several stages and cancel two days to complete. Setbacks that surely have left a bitter taste among the organizers of the test, and in particular to a Marc Coma who had designed a journey is especially hard to recover some of the lost essence of the rally.

Be that as it may, and although I have not been able to play the most of
4,000 kilometres against the clock which they were intended in the beginning,
Dakar 2017 has been a meeting place exciting and worth reviewing photo-to-photo
with peace of mind. In Engine.it will offer you this option, in the same way that
you can review everything that has happened in the career day-to-day through the
page in which we have bonded all the information related to the
career. A good way to start the countdown timer until the next edition
one of the most special.