Dakar 2017: The success story of Philippe Croizon


Philippe Croizon is another one of those unsung heroes. When
I was 26 years old, he suffered an electric shock when handling an antenna
television, which forced doctors to amputate his four limbs
blame the burns. Ten years later, and after overcoming several operations
and hundreds of time of rehabilitation, she decided to give a change to your existence and
cope with different challenges of sports. After crossing by swimming the Channel
the Stain or the Estecho of Gibraltar, Croizon is facing the challenge of competing in the
Dakar at the controls of a buggy adapted
to his handicap.

Philippe Croizon has always been a follower of the Dakar, but
it has not been until now when it has dared to attempt to complete this raid. To this end contacted with Yves Tartarin, an expert on rallies
off-road with more than 15 editions of the Dakar at their backs. After developing
side by side with a buggy adapted to his handicap and add the project to the co-pilot
Cédric Duplé
and several sponsors, the team has been able to formalize
your registration on the Dakar with two cars, one for Philippe Croizon and another for
his brother, who will go with Yves Tartarin with the aim of making asistenci


All in all, the project Croizon has been to point
of not be realized for economic reasons
. However, the bet of the
French rider by contesting the Morocco Rally at the risk of not being able to go
the Dakar had a happy ending, every time that shortly before the start of the test
he met Nasser Al-Attiyah. The prince and the qatari was interested in the project and
in light of the economic difficulties that were going through Croizon for
make your dream a reality, Al-Attiyah, intervened and got the remaining budget -a
100,000 euros – in order to ensure the presence of Philippe Croizon in the Dakar.

At the technical level, the buggy Croizon has a
joystick that allows you to accelerate and brake, as well as turn to the right and to the
. The frenchman acknowledges that it was almost a command
video game, even though the physical load involved in their management has led to
to develop the musculature of his shoulders. With the stump right handles this
, while with the left you can put the gear in reverse, flip
the lighting or power windows. the rest of The functions are activated by the
, while the seat of Croizon is designed with a harness
quick opening button.