Dakar 2017: The victory of the unsung heroes


97 bikes, 22 quads, 58 cars, 5 UTV and 38 trucks reached
the goal
of the Dakar 2017 according to data provided by the organization
rally to the completion of the test. Buenos Aires welcomed all of them and I
delivered their particular moment of glory with the podium ceremony, where all
paraded as heroes. However, it is fair to focus on the success of six
projects with dyes epic
for a variety of reasons that have still managed to finish the
Dakar. Personal challenges, self-improvement, and also with certain peculiarities
techniques that go hand in hand in this chapter of unsung heroes.

Isidre Esteve pujol has finished the Dakar in the position 35th in the category of cars and fourth in the category T1.S, but as the pilot himself recognized, the goal was to successfully complete a project, sports and social. Eight years after his first failed attempt to reach the goal with a car adapted, Isidre has managed to finish the test with his Mitsubishi, and of the hand of your cushion smart. The great victory for Esteve has been to check that the device has been working for years is valid for the demands of a Dakar rally after completing the test without any health problem.

the second of The pilots with a disability who has completed the Dakar is Gianni Luca Tassi, in this case at the controls of a Ford Ranger facilities, and occupying the 42nd position. The case of this Italian has many similarities with the history of Isidre Esteve, the whole time that Tassi has a school that teaches how to drive to people with disabilities and also has in place the foundation ‘One di Noi’. To finish the Dakar, which played only in 1999, it was a personal challenge in which he has told with the help of Massimiliano Catarsi, co-pilot with a long career in international.


The quadruple amputee Philippe Croizon also tasted the
honeys achieve the goal
at the wheel of his BMW X6 adapted. This adventurer
athlete and French had a significant challenge ahead, but his force of
will has allowed him to finish in the position 49th overall
car category and second category T3, only behind Tim
Colonel. In any case, more important than the result is the story of overcoming personal Croizon, who also got to cross the Channel of the
Spot to swim in 2010 and sum the Dakar to the list of missions ‘impossible’

Albert Llovera is almost an expert in these matters, the whole time
the pilot andorran has finished the Dakar for the third time. After his first
success at the controls of a buggy and make the jump to the truck category
2016, Llovera has managed to bring his Tatra 538 to Buenos Aires, and with a
rate enviable, which has led him to occupy next to Charly Gotlib and Jaromir
the position 24 of the general. In spite of going through some moments
critical, the team Bonver Dakar Project and Albert Llovera have become to get
a feat that may be repeated is not less commendable.

Away from the stories of these pilots disabled,
also noteworthy is the Dakar of two argentinian pilots by the peculiarities
techniques of their vehicles. The first of them is José Antonio Blangino, all
time has taken its iconic Rastrojero to the goal. For his part, Ariel Jaton
has managed to carry the Acciona 100% EcoPowered to the goal
, getting the
electric vehicle of Spanish origin was completed for the first time the Dakar. The
third time lucky, with the exception included by the blocking of the medical assistance
in Jujuy, but a vehicle 0 emissions is also able to finish the Dakar.