Dakar 2017: When a Cushion Smart is your best weapon


When Isidre Esteve took the Dakar eight years ago, never
he thought his adventure would end so abruptly
. After joining forces
with SsangYong to compete at the wheel of a car adapted, Esteve suffered what
unspeakable inside the cabin and ended the test with two pressure ulcers
in the ischia
which forced him to go under the knife and be a year and
the middle barely able to sit, far away from any type of competition. Now,
Isidre Esteve faces his return to the Dakar -this time with a Mitsubishi T1-S adapted – and what is
more important, does so with the Cushion Smart.

Although in a first moment Esteve walked away from the Dakar after
the experience, shortly after the pilot Catalan, the Foundation
Isidre Esteve and Josep Maria Lloreda, President of KH Lloreda, started
work together to help the pilot of Oliana
to find a solution
effective and definitive to the problem of pressure ulcers, recurrent injury
in the pilots with some type of disability. In 2012 was born the first
prototype Pad Smart
, a device called to resolve these
problems, not only in the world of competition, but in many other
facets of life


The Cushion Smart is a device that has a set of valves that inflate and deflate with the aim of giving a sort of massage the pilot in the area of the seat bones and buttocks, improving the blood flow to the area, preventing pressure ulcers and extends the hours that a pilot can be seated without injury to the foot. Divided into eight zones controlled by an electronic box, this system allows the injured spinal cord to be able to compete without the concern continues, you have to be aware of your state of health.

The own Isidre Esteve acknowledges that the Cushion Smart is the best weapon to face the next Dakar and that will allow you to be able to compete at 100%, as he has been doing with the different buggies that have achieved the title of the Championship of Spain of All-Terrain Rally in 2013 and 2014: Is the key to my return to the rally. It gives Me the peace of mind to drive all the time needed without damage, as happened in my last Dakar. Until now, I had a hard time concentrating on the competition for health reasons, this is now history thanks to this cushion”.