Dakar 2018, a day of rest: No feeling in her legs is scary


Sam Sunderland is one of the many riders who have not reached the day of rest of the Dakar 2018, after watching as the hardness of the race and the dunes of peru will be charged all of your options. The KTM rider was one of the major candidates to the victory in the motorcycle category, but a bad fall on the fourth day forced him to leave the race with back pains. Evacuated quickly to a hospital centre, the british driver admitted the difficult time that he had lived since his accident, since there was a moment in which he got to feel the legs.

Sam Sunderland has lived a Dakar of great contrasts. Winner of the first and the third stage, the KTM rider looked like the fourth special was the end point of his rally. During the stretch loop around San Juan de Marcona, Sunderland and his KTM 450 Rally to beat against a hole, with such force that the rebound of the rider against the bike meant that Sam had to stop the race with two intervertebral discs crushed in the lumbar region. A really critical since not by neglect, but by the sensations you had at that time the ‘motard’ british.

I Thought that I had broken the back. It is something that is terrifying. No feeling in her legs is scary, but luckily now all is well. I have a bit of pain for the two disks crushed, but it will be well soon. I can only say thank you for all the messages I have received. I am a little disappointed by the end as soon as my race, especially my team and my followers. all in all, I’m sitting here and I feel very lucky to be well. Sending lots of luck to my team” claimed Sam Sunderland through a brief statement.

Without Sam Sunderland, the KTM team recharge batteries in Peace to try to get the win in the motorcycle category and extend his streak to 17 consecutive victories. Options do not miss the signature austrian, all time Matthias Walkner occupies the third position in the general with only 3:50 minutes lost compared to the leader, Kevin Benavides, Honda pilot. are Also in the fight, Toby Price and Antoine Méo, since both drivers occupy the fifth and sixth position of the standings with 9:39 and 10:42 minutes transferred with respect to the head, difference completely reducible in the second week of the race.