Dakar 2018: open Letter from Carlos Sainz to his father after winning the Dakar


One of the first to congratulate Carlos Sainz for his Dakar was his son. Carlos Sainz, the pilot of Formula 1, he dedicated an emotional tweet, accompanied by a photo that appears on the shoulders of his father when he was a child of about three or four years.

If this message displays the admiration and love of child to parent who has the runner from Renault towards their legendary progenitor, the letter that has dedicated to her and has shared in a public way, does not make but to confirm that, both for him and for the whole family, have been two weeks very intense.


¿withdraw Carlos Sainz? His son says that he will support whatever you decide

This is the full text:

open Letter from Carlos Sainz to his father

you who know me well sure you’ll be surprised when you read this letter that I make public what I mean.

These two weeks are so intense, they have helped me to understand a little how you feel your when I am running and honestly I’ve realized how bad do you have to spend, it is better to be on the other side of the barrier!. You can’t even imagine the nerves that have passed mom White and Anita, I was trying not aparentarlo but a punch to the pillow I have been escaped. It has been very intense.

A couple of hours after having seen them win and celebrate this Dakar I want to tell you how important and impressive that it has been for me to see how you’ve worked so hard to get to your 55 years continue to have the desire, enthusiasm and motivation to take on a challenge as big as it is going to win your second Dakar. I could tell a thousand stories, but right now I remember when I would get up to train at 7.30 am to get on the bike inside the sauna and you were wearing there, and 1 hour machacándote, or other times, we would get the two to answer emails in the office and I have taken designing to the smallest detail, the drawing of the taco wheels Michelin, that you were going to take on the Dakar.

These things, although at the time I laugh and will release any hesitate I want you to know that they are the best example of sacrifice and a desire to win that both my and my sisters helps us to apply it to everything in life.

everyone knows that your spectacular career has also had some very difficult times. During these 8 years of drought since we won in 2010 your first Dakar there has been a little bit of everything, dropouts for mechanical reliability, accidents, etc, any person would have given up but you’re stubborn as your solo and you wanted a 2nd Dakar and wise perfectly that you could get it. You and I both know that few expected to turn to see celebrating another victory, but you know well we knew that there is no challenge that you set your mind that you can not get.

Dad, I end up already don’t worry, only I hope I have made clear the admiration that your children have for you as a person and as a sportsman but above all to tell you that as a parent you are an example of that we do not stop to learn every day.

You win I give you a hug!


PD: all the world is wondering if this is going to be the finishing touch to your race, and you’re going to hang the helmet (you know that to breast this idea makes him very happy) for my part I will I’ll support and animare in whatever you decide.