Dakar 2018, stage 11: the Word of the pilot after passing Fiambalá


Toby Price has achieved his first stage victory on the Dakar 2018, although their choices of title are very low: I have Never felt as bad as I felt yesterday. In contrast, today I tried to recover time and it has done me well, but it’s going to be difficult to scrape enough minutes. I am very far, the truth. Always happy to win a stage of the Dakar. In the first week I was quite prudent. Now I am attacking, but I’m going to try not to miss to fall to reach the final goal“.

Matthias Walkner has managed to finish fifth, a result that allowed him to strengthen his leadership: Today I rode the greater part of the time with Stephane Peterhansel. . In the dunes I was in front and he took the baton in the fastest tracks. Everything can change at any time. TI am to continue to focus day-to-day in my work. I try not to think about victory. Of course I’m a little nervous, because it simply passes over in a way point to lose 20 minutes. The only thing I can do is go at my own pace”.

One of the leading men of the special Super Fiambalá has been Gerard Farrés, although for the time being, out of the podium of the category: “I’m happy. Today the goal was to to keep the bike without problems because this night we do not have mechanical. In addition to getting that, I was able to ride at the pace of the first and keep the position in the general”.

Nicolas Cavigliasso has been one of the man of the day after leaving a brilliant performance in the category of quads: I have opened up the race quad this morning and I first. I’ve had to move between trucks and cars, which has forced me to seek other paths. I drive a quad bike 450cc, which answers very well in the sand and it is in this type of terrain where I can make a difference. My goal, above all, is to reach the goal of Cordoba. to Win three stages in my first Dakar, I think that is something amazing“.


Bernhard Ten Brinke has managed to score the win of stage to Fiambalá: I feel really good. Still I don’t think about the podium, I don’t want to subject myself to that kind of pressure. For the moment, I’m going to savor this victory of stage. I have worked with very good co-pilot in the Dakar, such as, for example Matthieu Baumel and Tom Colsoul, but thanks to his wide experience, Michel Périn is doing an amazing job“.

Carlos Sainz has completed the stage in third position and deducts another step in their goal with 10 minutes of extra advantage seeing as you have removed the penalty that dragged: “Fiambalá is one of the stages classic of this rally where they have always passed things, so I am very glad to have left behind. Honestly, the idea was to have ended, behind Stéphane to leave tomorrow behind him, but good. For the three days that are left, the truth is that I am not nervous“.

Stéphane Peterhansel has not completed satisfied with your stage: “we didn’t do a seamless browsing. Share navigation Matthias Walkner. Years ago, we made great differences, and others where we ended up five or ten minutes. This time it has not been so. Carlos was able to avoid the problems and that is great for Peugeot. We also had to do it, but we made a mistake that cost us 1 hour and 45 minutes. This is a time that we are now paying. If you lose too much, you risk to be second”.

it has Not been a day too lucky for Martin Prokop, which is maintained in the ‘top 10’ of the general despite suffering a variety of problems: “For us, the tenth and eleventh stage have been a little crazy. During the tenth special we had a problem in the alternator of our Ford, while today we struggled with the clutch. We have lost a lot of time, but hey, at least we’re still eighth in the standings”.