Dakar 2018, stage 4: Beach and dunes, but always sand


The fourth stage of the Dakar leaves a new claim. Peru continues to show the infinite goodness of its orography and in this case the special loop start and end in San Juan de Marcona gives a new hue, the beaches of the Pacific. The pilots will face each other in first end to a link 114 kilometres that will move away from the source population to then face 330 kilometres of special that they will return to the starting point. However, this particular loop is one of the sectors of sandy more long that has tackled the Dakar, with up to 100 kilometres of dunes continued.

After two days in the desert of Ica in which the leaders of the car category opened the first special and the ‘motard’ did so on the second day, for the fourth stage has sought a new format. The beach is the perfect setting for an output in line, so that the bikes will come out in rows of 15 ‘motards’ and the cars of four on four. The departure time for the first group of bikes is 13:00 hours -hour of the Spain-, while the first four cars to go at 14:40 hours -always on time-of-Spain-.

After this sprint on the beaches of San Juan de Marcona in groups of 15 ‘motards’ or 4 cars, according to the category, all of them will move away from the Pacific Ocean to face a new dose, almost endless, dunes, sand and desert. In fact, the quoted sector with 100 kilometres of dunes of nearly all sizes adds a final part of the stage with guns that will not be easy to find. In this aspect, it should be noted that the riders will pass from sea level to 2,200 meters between the CP1 and the CP2, to return almost at the level of the sea at the end of the day.

Profile 4th stage Dakar 2018 (S. J. Marcona – S. J. Marcona)