Dakar 2018, stage 9: Crossing of words between Sainz and Koolen


The penalty of 10 minutes that has received Carlos Sainz for their clash with Kees Koolen has done no more than fan the flame of controversy. While the pilot in madrid is not able to understand the reason why it has been penalized and Peugeot Sport is already preparing the appeal to the decision of the ASO, the dutchman Kees Koolen has shown to be outraged by the tepid penalty and has already threatened to put all their lawyers work on the case. While Sainz will play his second Dakar, it gives the feeling the founder of Booking.com want to stretch the controversy.

taking Advantage of the tranquility that gives the cancellation of the ninth stage, Carlos Sainz has not been deprived of showing their opinion on what happened in the last few hours: I didn’t have any incident, if not today we would be lamenting something. I’m disappointed and disgusted, but I’m not going to let me influence and I’m going to try to keep doing my career, although a decision is tremendously unfair. If he had been given, of course I would have stopped”.

Recalling the maneuver, Sainz explained: I was about 100 meters and I pressed the Sentinel. He turned around and saw me, very properly. I kept approaching, it was a site with a lot of clay, full of water, with many puddles and a lot of space to the side of the road, typical with a few bumps to the sides of the ditch. Him when he is coming out of this ditch, he lost control of the quad, you are going and directs him towards the track. There will esquivé with luck, for very little. Not played it, I kept on the stretch with the normal, until yesterday that I learned of the history”.

Trying to give by settled all this discussion, Carlos Sainz ended in the bivouac: I don’t know, I’m so sorry for him, of the scare that took. I also took it because it was very close, but again, thank God nothing happened. That is why I do not understand the penalty of 10 minutes. Why 10 minutes and not one, or an hour, if I haven’t touched anyone? The car has no mark, his quad either and he finished 12th in the stage. If I rozo with the car with Peugeot two-ton… Thank God nothing happened”.

it does Not seem as cordial Kees Koolen, which insists on the guilt of Sainz. The dutchman claims to have a scratch on the arm as a result of the accident and insists that his quad was damaged after the touch of the Peugeot driver: In my protest already signaled that, if there was a sanction would be, would be happy. All the world knows that I am a man of business, I have access to very good lawyers, probably the best in the world and best that you have this organization. I already said that, if it had not a sanction would be, would take my measurements and when you return home I will submit a lawsuit“.