Dakar 2018, stage 9: the Prize just for Farrés and Cervantes


The cancellation of the ninth stage the Dakar has led to the enactment of Carlos Sainz for his mishap with Kees Koolen has been almost the only topic of today around the test, at least until the engines come back to sound with force. However, the rally-raid more hard of the world has another spirit and so has been illustrated by Gerard Farrés and Ivan Cervantes, while the two pilots of the Himoinsa Team have received a time bonus for stopping to assist two pilots injured during the eighth stage between Uyuni and Tupiza, a route was diverted with a link to Salta.

Has been precisely in the bivouac of Salta, where the pilots of the Himoinsa Team have seen their solidarity rewarded, which has resulted in the return of the time lost in assisting other participants. In the case of Gerard Farrés, the time that is returned allows you to climb to the ninth place of the eighth special. The leader of the Spanish team stood next to Jonathan Barragan -the twelfth day after being tempered- to assist the chilean Pablo Quintanilla. The Spanish couple met the rider of Husqvarna in the middle of a crisis of anxiety by physical exhaustion.

Well recognized Gerard Farrés, which noted in addition to the large amount of riders that had problems in the second part of the marathon stage, both at the mechanistic level as at the physical level, since depletion is a companion that forgives quite a few times: “I have found Paul Quintanilla and I stopped to assist you. It seemed that I had an anxiety attack, or something like that. I was very nervous. There I lost some time in the special, but it is something that gives a little bit similar when it comes to helping someone in distress. I’m glad to know that it is okay“.


In a similar episode he engaged Ivan Cervantes. The Spanish rider will not hesitate to stop your bike and activate the emergency system, as well as to give the first aid to the Spanish Txomin Arana. However, the accident suffered by Arana was strong enough to break his bike in two. As a result of the mishap, Txomin Arana had to be evacuated by helicopter with a possible torn ligaments in the knee, a fracture in the bones of the hand and a sharp blow to the cervical vertebrae. The fruit of time returned to the pilot of Himoinsa, Iván Cervantes returns to be in the ‘top 30’ of the test.

I’ve seen the blow of Txomin Arana and has been very strong, the bike has been totally shattered. Luckily, when I stopped to assist him he was conscious, and he spoke and reacted. I’ve been more quiet seeing that did not seem very serious when it has been evacuated by the helicopter. These things matter a lot when you go to climb the bike to give gas. You get ice cream” has explained Ivan Cervantes in relation to the accident suffered by Txomin Arana in the eighth stage.