Dallara continues giving way to his new sport of street


The new sports Dallara.

The company of Gian Paolo Dallara continues the testing of its new sports, the first model-enrolled, which will come to the street bearing the name of his famous company, one of the most reputable in the world in the design and manufacturing of chassis of a race.

The new model, that we still have no name, could already be photographed for the first time less than a month ago, while he was a testing of late development. As we can see in this new series of spy photos, the model continues to appear to be completely camouflaged, with the usual vinyl patterns psychedelic.

By not having any reference, we can not say if the body found under the vinyl is the definitive one, or this also hides the ways definitive of the sport. With respect to the previous spy photos, this issue seems not to have novelty on the outside.


High spoiler and aggressive rear diffuser.

This new sport Dallara aims to transfer to the client all the knowledge accumulated by the mark in the racing world, after decades of success in numerous specialities, such as various categories of single-seaters in Europe or the Indy in America.

Will be a concept very similar to the KTM X-Box, although the two-seater Italian features a spectacular enclosed room, with a large glass area, the style of cockpit.

The small sports should have a total mass around 800 kilos, according to the words of Gian Paolo Dallara to the press anglosajona.Su setup aerodynamic tells us that is clearly oriented to the track, so it will be a toy for track days of formidable performance.


Your setup is very aggressive.

In terms of its mechanics, is expected to count with the 4-cylinder supercharged EcoBoost that mounted Focus RS and Mustang EcoBoost. This block has originally with 2.3 liters and has a power higher than 300 HP at the origin, so that under the hood rear of the Dallara we can expect a figures of between 300 and 400 HP.

will Only be made to 120 individuals per year, for a total production
of only 600 units. As to its price, we expect a value
between 60,000 and 90,000 euros.