Dani Sordo and Hyundai, all in the Rally of Argentina


The Rally of Argentina represents a pending account for
. The team Korean has never managed to climb the podium of the test
south american since it joined the WRC in 2014, and it is for this reason that Dani Deaf,
Thierry Neuville and Hayden Paddon
travel to Argentina with the purpose of
add this first podium for Hyundai Motorsport. For the moment, the team has had
a good start to the season with two podiums for the new i20 WRC added by
Thierry Neuville in Monte carlo and Hayden Paddon in Sweden. Dani Sordo searches
the Rally of Argentina but also add his first podium of 2016.

Dani Sordo has had a start to the season consisting of, but at the time of the truth has not managed to climb the podium as his team-mates. A thorn that expects to be able to take off in the Rally of Argentina, the whole time that this is a rally very pleased the spaniard. It is not surprising if we take into account that Dani Sordo already joined two podiums with the Citro├źn C4 WRC in the editions of 2008 and 2009. An account that even could see extended in 2012 when he jumped into the Ford Fiesta RS WRC of Jari-Matti Latvala. He left a sigh of the goal.

In any event, Dani Sordo is ready to tackle one of the more sophisticated tests of the season: I love the Rally of Argentina for its stages, the environment and the own rally. There are many stones in the road and it can be very difficult for the car. In this sense, I think that is one of the rallies more difficult. There will be some changes in my approach to Mexico to Argentina, as the roads are completely different. Here they are much softer and are not as abrasive to the tires. I will Try to improve my position with regard to the last year and get my first podium of the 2016“.


Thierry Neuville comes with a certain pressure to Argentina. After adding the first podium of the new i20 WRC in the Rally of Monte-carlo, his performance has been going down. In Sweden had a rally to forget, and in Mexico, things were not much better for the belgian. The result is two consecutive zeros and their stay at the eighth position in the championship, with half the points Hayden Paddon and Dani Sordo. Before the return of the championship to Europe, the belgian driver should leave a good image or his season may start to complicate.

The own Neuville know you have a difficult challenge ahead of them: The Rally of Argentina is a test very complicated. We have suffered some harsh conditions here in the past and this year will be the same. The rally will be long and there are some new stages, so it will be hard. I look forward to forcing the new car, which has been ported so well to date this season. to Get a podium in Argentina is the ultimate goal of the team, but we also have to andarnos with care”.

Hayden Paddon is the pilot who competes with the second team
Hyundai on this occasion
, somewhat understandable because it has only competed in the
Rally of Argentina on one occasion: “The Rally of Argentina is a test
very hard with its own batch of challenges. It is definitely one of the rallies more
hard, so we have to adopt a mindset slightly different for
make sure to take care of the car as well. I look forward to racing in this rally.
The whole team has had a good performance this year and it will be fabulous to bring
something for my part to acquire more experience in the stages argentinas”.