Daniel Ricciardo praises the Spanish Roberto Merhi

Daniel Ricciardo sonriendo

The sympathetic pilot of Red Bull, Daniel Ricciardo, it has been agreed one of our own, specifically the young rider Roberto Merhi. The pilot of the team of energy drinks has recalled their struggles against Merhi when I was in junior categories, also with Bottas. According to the australian pilot of Italian descent, both Roberto and Valtteri were his strongest rivals and most talented in these categories, which makes it unlikely that Roberto is not in F1.

we Already know that Roberto Merhi came to F1 with Manor, where he got a flyer with the official way to compete, but the financial problems of the team did not last long, needing a pilot payment that was contributing something to the beleaguered economy of the now-defunct team. We all know that the Spanish rider had a lot of talent, it was very fast and that’s why it makes it even more rare not to see him in F1 as well has said Daniel Ricciardo in a statement to the newspaper Motorsport.com.

Roberto Merhi

Ricciardo has said that “Roberto Merhi was a pilot really strong in lower categories” in addition to believing that they were really good, adds that “Is a pilot really hard, quite aggressive. I know that was some racing with Manor in F1, but in that moment, I thought that would continue to move. So I guess that is one of those that I thought I would have as a rival for the rest of my career athletic”. What is certain is that neither Ricciardo nor others will explain…

But reality is that, unfortunately, if you do not come to F1 with a bag of money under the arm, the talent is not so relevant. A shame, really. As a personal opinion I think that a few drivers currently on the F1 and others that he has been surfeited on the grill, however others who have had to leave deserved quite worth it. An example of this is Roberto Merhi, another is Paul Di Resta. How and where are you? However, it has given opportunities to other riders who do not arrive or the soles of the shoes.