Daniel Ricciardo: “we’re Going to go a lot faster now”


Red Bull has had one day moved to return from a winter vacation in Barcelona. Two mechanical problems burdened the activity of Daniel Ricciardo behind the wheel of your new RB13, suffering first a problem of sensors and after a fault in the batteries that only allowed him to complete four laps in the morning session.

in the afternoon, Ricciardo enjoyed much more time on the track, and in his 45 laps managed to register a 1:22.926, enough to finish the day in fifth place, although still behind the Haas of Kevin Magnussen. The australian rider finished the day satisfied by having been able to roll with profusion in the afternoon, and expected that the trend will continue in the coming days, while passes the baton to morning Max Verstappen

“The afternoon was better, we still had some small problems at the beginning of the afternoon, but the last two hours have been more like a test, and I’ve been in the car much of that time. It is good to end the day with a little positivity. It would have been great to make more turns, in particular this morning. We roll on things of sensors, they gave us notices. We are going safe with the engines, and ensuring that we do not harm anything on the first day, that’s the main thing. But in the last two hours, we have had a lot of shooting. I Hope that you continue to the rest of the test and Max tomorrow there will be 200 laps“.

despite being the first day, of the lack of rubber and the warm temperatures, lap times have already passed the best cronos of the classification of 2016. Ricciardo notes that the track and the tires still have a lot of room for improvement in these two weeks: “The soft was better than average, but still too cold for that tire. I Notice as that wants to give you the grip, but not giving you what you think you can. It is better than the medium, but the track needs to be more hot for it to be better. The tires are not even at their optimal temperature, but you can already see in the times, are faster than the rating of last year. We’re going to go a lot faster compared to where we are now“.

the presentation of The RB13 was a little disappointing, as it showed a car that, although it worked, was not the revolution that was expected of Red Bull in the designs issued. Ricciardo acknowledges that maybe other teams have gone above and beyond with particular concepts, but that Red Bull does not rule out anything: “Obviously, the people expected that we would have the car detailed, with many small wings on all sides. It seems that other teams have tried things more risky. I have faith in my team; if we feel the need to try other things, for that are the tests. The car is clean and looks great, but at the end of the day we hope to go fast, that is what is important”.