Dario Franchitti: “Buemi made to the Formula And more real”


The Formula E is gradually filling up with images for the memory. One of the moments most remembered of the ‘Season Three’ will be without a doubt the huge anger of S├ębastien Buemi after the first race of the ePrix of Montreal and that led him to be measured by a number of drivers in a duel dialectical rather fraught. Although maybe the swiss driver did not provide their best image, Dario Franchitti believes that this performance gave the veracity of the Formula E, and demonstrated the tension that is there between the riders, teams, and brands that compete in Formula E despite being a championship very young.

In this aspect, Dario Franchitti recognized: “As a fan his reaction is something I would do to see the races. Buemi made to the Formula And more real. To see a guy with so much passion makes me realize that this is serious, that means a lot to the people who are involved. Was a window to the passion that people have for the races and by the Formula E and a sample of what this championship means to them. So from that point of view it was good to see, though I felt bad for him as a pilot that I have been“.

As a fan and commentator I love to see that emotion, but as the pilot was trying to keep everything under control because everything was going better” recognizes Dario Franchitti, while it understood everything that happened in Montreal: “The personality of a pilot tends to come out. Some are more cautious than others. it Is logical that Buemi was able to react so. Even I’ve done it when I won any race, but someone pissed me off by the way. It is difficult to understand from the outside, the stress to which is subjected a pilot and the pressure that is put on him. made a mistake maybe, but it’s great to see this personality“.