Data on sales of equipment of driver assistance systems of last year


With greater weight each day and its advantages, the systems of driving assistance are increasingly common in new vehicles as evidenced by this study conducted by Bosch.

In the year 2014 assessed that one out of every ten cars new enrollment came equipped with some support system and manufacturers are increasingly focusing their developments to their improvement as they hold that could to avoid a 20% of traffic accidents.

in Addition to being safe, Euro NCAP has set for 2016, their new revision of the system of evaluation of cars only grant the five stars vehicles braking system and automatic protection of pedestrians.


For his part, Bosch maintains his leadership in terms of the market radar sensors and will reach ten million units in 2016. Its star product, the radar medium-range MRR, is found in several models of utility and compact and is the basis for many systems of driving assistance. Braking automatic, emergency, and adaptive cruise control are a few of the beneficiaries of this sensor.

have Also become very popular detector fatigue equipped in some models. It is estimated that the 12% of cars sold in 2014 coming equipped with this system that makes use of the sensor of angle of rotation of the steering wheel and the power steering to analyze the driver and possible signs of drowsiness. If you meet certain parameters, the vehicle warns the driver to stop and rest.


In terms of sales by country of vehicles carrying built-in the system of emergency braking will have the following data:

  • Belgium 25% of the sales in 2014.
  • Germany a 20 %.
  • In Netherlands 17% of the cars sold last year.
  • Spain a 11%.
  • Uk 5%.

it Is assumed that in the years to come these data to iran increasing significantly.