Dates of the presentations of the F1 cars to 2016


To lack of know alignment Manor to the championship in 2016, we already know the rest of the pilots that will form the grill. However, there is still something as important as the hands that lead the cars, and are precisely those cars. The teams begin to announce the date on which to present the cars of the next world cup which starts in march. Although generally the presentations were in January, the fact that the pre-season 2016 starting at the end of February has been delayed also the release dates of the cars. For the moment there are three teams that have the day of presentation: McLaren, Haas and Williams.

Sunday, February 21st, a day before they start the pre-season test in Barcelona, McLaren will display the MP4-31 that will drive Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso, as announced on his Twitter account.

Feeling blue? Seeing network?? You can ALL see the MP4-31 launch on Feb 21! #McLarenMP431
— McLaren (@McLarenF1) January 18, 2016

it Is the same day that you have chosen Haas. The first car in the history of the team (whose chassis has been manufactured by Dallara) will be announced on the 21st, and will go out to the track, like the rest, on the 22nd day. For his part, Williams will not make a presentation prior to the test, and we will not be able to see his car, 2016 until the 22nd, the first day of preseason tests at the Circuit de Catalunya. Ferrari has no specific date, but has launched a competition for ten fans to be part of the presentation. The competition ends the day 7 and day 12 the winners will be announced, but the launch of the car (which is not known or the name) does not yet have an appointment in the calendar.

Team Date Place
Haas F1 February 21, unconfirmed
McLaren February 21, unconfirmed
Williams February 22, Circuit de Catalunya (Barcelona)
Ferrari unconfirmed unconfirmed
Mercedes unconfirmed unconfirmed
Force India unconfirmed unconfirmed
Toro Rosso unconfirmed unconfirmed
Red Bull unconfirmed unconfirmed
Sauber unconfirmed unconfirmed
Manor unconfirmed unconfirmed
Renault unconfirmed unconfirmed