Datsun gives us an insight of a new model for the next Hall of Tokyo

In a few days we will attend this feast of spectacular concepts, upcoming technologies and unique kei cars that is the Living in Tokyo. We have seen some of the proposals of Toyota, Nissan, Subaru reminding us a new generation of the Subaru Impreza… and, of course, Datsun do not want to miss the party.

what is A utility?Do a crossover?what hides behind this advancement?

Few details have been transcended, not to say none. Neither the rumours nor the own Datsun seasoned with information a first step in which we can only see the lighthouse, the optical, this upcoming Datsun.

With the doubt even if you will be a conceptual model or we don’t come with an optical in which the signature of the light LED has a good presence, leaving the torn main headlight accompanied by a second, small and circular optics.

A nerve on the hood, a grill that can be intuited hex… in a few days, in the Lounge of Tokyo, we will leave doubts.

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