Datsun presents the Cross, a SUV seven seater at only four metres

For those who still don’t know, Datsun was the brand name with which the japanese company Nissan marketed their models between the years 1940 and 1986. However, after several changes in the internal organizational structure, it was decided to use the name that we all know today. With this change, the name of the firm originally was dormant until, like Renault did with Dacia, the responsible of Nissan have decided to resulcitarla to create a signature low cost.

Datsun is the name that takes this brand new and has as main markets India and neighboring countries. For this reason, the models that are coming into the market have a design, technical approach, quality and security that mimic those that had the first Dacian in the second stage of his business. The model that the japanese house presents is a small family SUV that only 3,99 meters is able to accommodate up to seven passengers.

The new Datsun Cross will hit the indonesian market in a matter of days to complete the family of models Go+. In this case, the exterior design takes the features to incorporate moldings unpainted plastic, protective plastic in faux aluminum, suspension on high and a few bars of roof well integrated. In addition, both his bumper as the alloy wheels, the spoiler on the tailgate or the headlights with daytime running lights, give it a distinct identity.

In the interior can not conceal his kinship with the models of Dacia, since the simplicity, both lines of materials (using plenty of hard plastic), is the predominant note. However, the central screen touch infotainment system, compatible with Mirror Link, Bluetooth and USB, gives a modern and technological. In addition, in its list of equipment also includes rear view camera, parking sensors or power windows for all four doors.

In terms of level of security elements, the Datsun Cross is the the brand’s first model to incorporate systems of traction and stability (TCS, ESP) series. Complete this endowment, the usual front airbags, a limited slip differential and the ABS and EBD. All in all, the Cross does not hide its humble roots, because it is aimed at families who are looking for a broad-based model for travel (remember that you have seven seats) and can’t shell out a high sum of money.

The main data that we need to keep in mind is that measured long-3,995 meters long, 1,670 metres in width and 1,560 metres high, with a wheelbase of 2,450 meters. This is so, because as it happens in India, the vehicles that measure less than four meters enjoy certain incentives and tax advantages. However, in the beginning, the range mechanics is very limited, since it only contemplates a block gasoline 1.2-liter engine that develops 77 CV of power and that is attached to a manual gearbox or automatic inverter continuous CVT with only 5 speeds.

In any case, this model (like the others that form the family Datsun) will not be marketed in the Old Continent. The price that you will have to Indonesia started on to 9990 € and will come out of the factory that the Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi is in Purwakarta, Java.

Source – Datsun

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