Datsun redi-GO, it’s official: this is the third model from Datsun for India


After a first advancement, the Datsu redi-GO production discovered complete with its official presentation in New Delhi. We are faced with a small, affordable city that is in addition to the trends ‘crossover’, and seek to conquer the younger drivers for its bold design.

After the Datsun GO and Datsun GO+, with bodywork of five doors and mpv, respectively, and with a slightly larger size to this new model, the Datsun redi-GO becomes the third model of the brand nippon manufactured and marketed in the India, nearly three years after the re-entry of the manufacturer in the country.

With respect to the Datsun redi-GO Concept, shown as a prototype over two years ago, the production model adopts a more conservative design and somewhat mellowed, although it maintains its basic gestures. And wants to be something more than a small city, with features such as a body with a greater height than usual, the fruit of that inspiration ‘crossover’, or a high ground clearance of 185 mm.


In the front keeps the hexagonal grille, the chrome, a feature in Datsun from his resurrection. Its interior is very simple and spartan, but according to the brand also offers a great visibility and a space well-used. Seated on the modular platform CMF-A of the alliance Renault Nissan, this is technically the brother of the Renault Kwid.

Datsun redi-GO will be offered with the same mechanics that the Renault Kwid, a modest engine 0.8 SCe three-cylinder, 54 HP with manual change of five speeds. Will be on sale in India from may, and the first units will be delivered to their new owners in June, at prices not reported but reaching around 5,000 euros to the change, depending on the version.