Davide Cironi takes us on a ride in the Alfa Romeo Giulia QV

Davide Cironi takes control of Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde in a test carried out in balocco circuit. Davide teaches us the goodness of this saloon 510 HP.

Finally the time came. The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde reached the public and began to pass through the hands of the specialized journalism. But if there was someone that we had hoped to show us the benefits of the new Giulia QV is Davide Cironi, who this week was up to the circuit Gorgeous in order to test the new sedan Italian.

When I interviewed some months ago, Davide was cautious in front of the Giulia, although their objections put the focus on the aesthetic, perhaps not as purist as he would have liked. Davide told us that at their discretion they could have made more beautiful, perhaps more Italian, and although he likes his aggressive style, believes that it has not been designed in the same way that the 156 or 159. In that sense she felt that a car as beautiful as the 159, with the mechanics and chassis of the new Giulia had transformed the saloon more sold in the history.

however, the objections seem to have been left behind after the new Giulia QV to pass through their hands a few days ago. Davide not to highlight the kindness of his engine 510 HP, the front train and the back train, pointing out that their behavior is that of a supercar and not a sportscar family.

But as always, it is best that you see in the video that heads this article, where you’ll also be able to see Davide in command of the versions more civilized of the Giulia.