Day madness: DC Shoes invites us to surf the waves … with a Freestyle bike


Alucinante is little. We love the productions of DC Shoes. In the end it was they who turned the amusement of Ken Block in their cars, a viral phenomenon and an advertising showcase unprecedented famous gymkhanas. Under the slogan “Defy Convention” which could be translated as “challenging the established” DC Shoes and Robbie Maddison, Freestyle rider, even more fun madness were proposed. Why not transform a motorcycle to ride waves? Said and done.

Ken Block reveals the secrets of his latest toy, a Ford F-150 tracked

Like a bold and adventurous Jesus Christ Century XXI it were – and forgiveness for blasphemy – Robbie Maddison managed to walk on water . They conducted based on preserve the buoyancy of the motorcycle, which is a transformation of a frame of Freestyle, and provide the necessary thrust to achieve its movement over the water system. To do a transformed tire that works as a driver over the water, and a priori seems that it is also useful to scroll through swamps, so that as we see in the video can be interspersed stretches of water and stretches of land was also used.

The question we ask now is this. Did they settle for experience and shot advertising campaign? Or on the contrary will continue betting on this idea and maybe even end up becoming a new discipline of motorsport?

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Ken Block reveals the secrets of his latest toy, a Ford F-150 tracked

Not a Hot Rod. It is the Hoonicorn Ken Block, without bodywork, burning wheel

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