DB Export brewery already has gas stations that sell distillate fuel with “beer”

Until now, the only relationship I could find between beer and your car was that it is not recommended, along with unsafe and illegal, drinking alcohol and driving. That’s why might be surprised that a New Zealand brewer has proposed a very interesting challenge, producing Brewtroleum, “petrol” 98 octane from “beer” . But what really fuel can be produced from beer? As we will tell you then the story is more complex, but no less interesting. And as a marketing strategy, the brewer DB Export seems to have hit the mark.

The brewing DB Export has already begun distributing biofuels created from waste distilleries, yeast used in beer production.

According counted DB Export on his blog, while taking a beer, someone had a bright idea. ? Why not engage in distilleries to produce fuel was then devised a plan that would not only help boost their brand image beyond the bars, installing their own filling stations; but also to take advantage of its beer production waste; and create biofuels that somehow contribute to a more sustainable mobility.

That’s when DB Export collaboration with fuel distributor Gull New Zealand, for design based on a 10% ethanol biofuel that would be obtained from the refinement of yeasts is proposed They are used in the brewing . According Gull, this fuel still retains a 90% high purity gas, is capable of generating a cleaner combustion with reduced CO2 by 8%.

Although biofuels still throw too many questions, and present some problems, the idea seems interesting, as would use waste as the brewing industry for cleaner fuels. Still, do not be in any doubt that the most important factor in a project like this is found to marketing level. DB Export and Gull and would offer this fuel derived from the distillation of beer in at least 11 gas stations in New Zealand .

Source: DB Export | Gull.nz
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