De Tomaso and is officially owned by the Chinese


De Tomaso was today awarded a Chinese consortium , which does not have a business plan and you paid € 1,500,000 by the brand. Ensure that manufactured in China using the De Tomaso brand.


detomaso L I fter a story that seemed endless, the De Tomaso brand today was finally awarded to a Chinese group in a new auction in Italy. The firm is called Ideal team venture and was awarded the commercial use of the brand founded by the Argentine Alejandro De Tomaso , after the judge accepted his offer 1,500,000 € .

De Tomaso regains owner. They manufactured in China, but no business plan. [1.99901 million]

The company does not have a business plan, but nevertheless the judge to award the contract due Giovanna Dominici hoping to have better luck this time .

participated again some of the companies as they competed on two occasions and had been defeated by L3 Holding, a company linked to the Genii group, major shareholders of the Team Lotus Formula 1 a few weeks ago and after winning, L3 Holding decided to withdraw its winning bid, which forced her to perform the auction that was held today. [1.99901 million]

In the race also involved the Italian group Eos that like the Chinese did not have a business plan and offered the same sum of a million and a half euros. The representative of the Chinese group said that the company which is already producing cars and continue to do so in China under the De Tomaso brand.

The only losers in this agreement speak workers are left with nothing after five years of hope, as the company does not plan to produce in Italy, but in China.

Another major Italian brands again be outside the domain of Italian , just at a time when another famous signature as it is Pininfarina is about to be acquired by Indian Mahindra.





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