Dealers and the Internet will co-exist in the future


Internet changed much of the way in which we do many things daily, but this change is far more when you get the mobile phones and tablets to the field of navigation. Users tend to navigate from these devices, and less from desktop or laptop computers.

Although in an initial phase the technology has been associated more to a younger audience, more accustomed to use it, what is certain is that today the majority of the population lives with these advances, even if they don’t take full advantage. Formulas of shopping yesteryear absurd, how to choose a car based tweets, now have more of a sense than ever.

Well it is true that this is not exactly a fashion or a fever, but opened a philo. The tweeter @escolano wondered if it would be possible to perform the process of purchase by Twitter, and to reduce to the maximum the relationship with a dealer. Nissan was the brand that took the prize for having been more attentive to the social networks and to the specific requests of the subject, everything had to be on Twitter.

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And so, @escolano chose a Nissan X-Trail which a dealer gallego got him, when he was in Catalonia. Didn’t have to go anywhere, the deals we reached the base of the tweets, nor he did not need to prove it. it Was almost like booking a rental car, didn’t care much for the model (within preferences), nor had the need to drive it before.

over the Internet the customers can choose the deals that are most convenient to them, without pressure, and without that they sell bikes. All the psychology that was being used prior to closing a sale is not served, the process has to be rethought completely. more and more people want to choose car by using the Internet, and reduce paperwork to the maximum.

ideally, the car gets towed home, take a couple of firms in the roles of rigor, and is already. That already puts it into practice in the united States, where there are companies that perform an intermediation between customers and dealers. The cars arrive at the end customer bypassing steps, but the dealers are still asking for cars to factory and do the paperwork.


we have Already had in Spain a few experiments of selling over the Internet, without going more far, the last one has been by Toyota with the C-HR, the first 200 units have not been able to book at any dealership, everything can be done online, although in the end it is a dealer who made the delivery. Ford has also used this formula with the first units of Mustang or EcoSport, for example.

In the medium term it will be possible to choose a car between a listing, and receive them as a purchase online more. Until the day that technology companies are able to buy stocks to then keep putting the customers, the figure of the dealer conventional is not in danger. On the other hand, there is a regulation that protects this type of business.

Given that virtually the entire election process is performed from home, it is important that websites are designed to work with devices that are very diverse, offering the maximum amount of information possible and be attractive and seductive. A client who is not well attended so it could be a lost customer that carried a competidor.


For the moment we are talking of experiments, as the SEAT to sell the Mii by MANGO on Amazon France. The manufacturers are taking the temperature to this method, to see how it works. Stakeholders put forward a number in the act by way of reservation, and the rest are managed more traditionally, especially if they finance.

sector distribution (dealerships), with the time, you may not need so many commercial or so many square metres of exposure. There will always be customers who want to sit in the car, to see what they smell and touch the interiors, but every time are more those who see them in the photo, it is enough for them. At the end, as always, will be the dictatorship of the majority which decides what model it imposes.

anyway, some manufacturers -including Ford – are testing a hybrid model, the of the stores, more focused towards a public lover of new technologies, spaces of different conception, where it does not take precisely the whole range. Also, are the experiments, but can a day have been replaced at the dealers in a traditional sense.