Dear Magi, this year I have behaved very well: I want a simulator more expensive than a Porsche 911

have You behaved well this year? Very well, you have to have ported to the three Kings bring you the simulator, which manufactures FMCG International. Is a replica almost perfect of a Formula 1 car, in which they installed three huge screens TFT of 23 inches and a high-performance PC for the experience of immersion in the game is absolute. I hope that your wise men are truly magicians, because they will have to conjure almost 130.000 euros to get this gift in the living room of your house

it Is necessary to remove the steering wheel to get in and out of the cockpit, as it occurs in an actual F1.

FMCG International is a company that since 1986 has been dedicated to the manufacture of show cars based on racing cars. The Formula 1 of your images is not real, and has no motor, but has been manufactured with techniques similar to those used in the production of a F1 competition. Your body is made of composite material, and its structure deformable rear is made of carbon fiber, as are details of his suspension pushrod or your huge spoiler. A production process of weeks, in fact.

Although it has no engine, the car retains a gear box machined from an aluminum block, and alloy wheels identical to those used in competition. Even the wheel nuts are genuine, and could be used in a F1 circuit. The tires are Pirelli F1 and the car has brake discs carbonocerámicos, hugged by Brembo or AP Racing. All these components are real, even though the car never moving a single millimeter as it does not have a motor.

Costs a whopping € 127,000 to change. For that price you can buy yourself a Porsche 911 Carrera S.

Is offered in various colors, which of course is the Rosso Ferrari. FMCG International does not own the rights of the teams of Formula 1, so that the car is sold without any distinctive, with the idea that each buyer customize with vinyls to your liking. The PC installed in his gut could only be a machine of high range for gaming: connected to all three screens, it uses a processor Intel Core i7, 16 GB of memory RAM, a hard-disk SSD and a graphics card of high-end, triple-output.

A whim expensive that only the wealthy few can afford. I think that this year I have not ported as well. Or maybe it’s that my Kings are not as Magicians. It is sold in the Uk through the website of Costco.

Source: Carscoops
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