Debut full of successes of the Mercedes-AMG GT3


Within the universe GT3, it can be said that 2016 has been the year of the Mercedes-AMG GT3. The new signature model of Stuttgart, which gives respite to the shabby, run-Mercedes SLS AMG GT3, has been shown to have a gene winner adding 18 wins and 32 podiums in the main series competing under this technical regulations. With almost 70 Mercedes-AMG GT3 delivered to different customers around the world, we can consider that the year debut of this new model has been a success, even surpassing the expectations that the brand itself had for this year.

however, the Mercedes-AMG GT3 has taken part in 115 different majors this season with a total of 152 records in the top ten, 50 podiums-32 in the major championships and trials – and 18 wins. All in all, the Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 has proven that it is still eligible to compete as evidenced by the 146 races in which he has taken part, the 102 top ten who has reached or their 34 podium finishes and 13 victories. In the end, the family Mercedes-AMG has been composed by 51 teams that have been filmed in 23 different countries and a total of 51 circuits.


With everything and returning to the Mercedes-AMG GT3, the new model of
Stuttgart lived one of its moments most successful in the 24 Hours of
where they were able to monopolize the top four positions though
of the difficult climatic conditions. In contrast, one of the
toughest moments of the season was the sanction imposed after the
classification of the 24 Hours of Spa
, where six Mercedes-AMG GT3
they were penalized for an irregularity technique when you had cornered
the first six positions of the grill. A penalty without a doubt
disrupted the relationship between Mercedes-AMG and the Blancpain GT Series.

spite of this episode, Mercedes-AMG has big plans for the GT3,
to such an extent that in 2017 will have an official presence in the
most important races in the united States. However, the firm will open
a headquarters in Mooresville to support
presence in the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship
within the
GT class Daytona. A total of three Mercedes-AMG GT3 will compete under the
management of Riley Motorsport, drives that are added to the intended
to private teams in the Pirelli World Challenge. A bet that without
doubt will grow the impact of the Mercedes-AMG GT3 in all over the world