December closes as the 28th month of growth of sales of cars

SEAT León X-Perience2015 ended a few days ago and we already have in our possession the data of sales of cars in Spain during the month of December. During the month of December 2015 have been registered in Spain to a total of 88.609 vehicles, representing a to 20.7% increase compared to the same period of 2014. This is already the 28th month of continued growth, an indicator of the slowly the market is recovering, as it also shows the total number of 2015 with 1.034.232 cars registered, a figure that experts consider the equilibrium for a country like Spain.

In December, has maintained the trend, the particular accumulate the bulk of the sales, with 56.489 units and a 15.3% growth. Companies with 24.838 units have grown to 25.1%, while the alquiladoras added to the total 7.282 vehicles registered in December, with 59% increase compared to 2014.

SEAT Ibiza 2016The sales mix by fuels do not move in excess of what is usual, with a 62% of the registrations corresponding to passenger cars with engine diesel. 35.8% are gasoline and 2.2% remaining corresponds to electric and hybrid, which in the last months of 2015 are having a greater presence in the market. The upward trend in enrolments is common to the entire Spanish territory, although in December Ceuta and Melilla has decreased 4.7%.

This month Peugeot is the one that leads the ranking of brands, with Volkswagen relegated to a second-place finish. Special mention to Hyundai, which has managed a sixth place in the Spanish market in December, being the Hyundai Tucson responsible. For models of the SEAT Leon and Ibiza have grown to be the most sold, followed by the Dacia Sandero.

Top 10 brands December 2015:

  • Peugeot: 7.599
  • Volkswagen: 7.072
  • Renault: 6.515
  • SEAT: 6.321
  • Ford: 5.969
  • Hyundai: 5.838
  • Nissan: 5.024
  • Opel: 4.855
  • Citroën: 4.327
  • Dacia: 4.278

Top 10 models December 2015:

  • SEAT Leon: 3.283
  • SEAT Ibiza: 2.447
  • Dacia Sandero: 2.414
  • Volkswagen Golf: 2.254
  • Nissan Qashqai: 2.298
  • Peugeot 308: 2.271
  • Renault Clio: 2.036
  • Hyundai Tucson: 1.909
  • Peugeot 208: 1.880
  • Volkswagen Polo: Some 1,834

Source -Aniacam

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