Deconstructing myths: even if you do not believe, driving, sports is not always as fun as it seems

some months Ago I spoke about the myths and realities of being a tester of cars, and how many friends see our work and imagine a life of a rock star, or a football player. I already said that the job of a journalist of the engine, or a tester of cars, it is far from that idealized image that displayed our social media, with selfies in exotic locations, photos of sports, and dishes of chefs with Michelin star. Luckily, we have to recognize that, often, yes we have to drive expensive sport, exclusive, and exotic. And that implies that, for a few days, our lives, at least in regards to the driving, it resembles much more that of an owner of a supercar. And that, even though you do not believe, you always have their pros and cons, because often driving supersports is not as fun as it seems.

Myths and realities of being a tester car

Except in rare presentations, in the testing of sports that we make the most of the time you spent outside of the circuits. For a few days, that car is awesome, so quick, sporty, and fun on a closed course, or in a stretch of curves, it becomes your utility. We talked about traveling several hours to the destination, we will prepare a production, you have to use it for dinner in the center of the city, because by the limitations of your garage you can’t afford to have two cars at home at the same time, or even of having to use it to buy dinner and the next meal in a supermarket in which the usual is not to see a sport, but minivans with child seats, and SUV’s. Also you have to get used to not seeing him anywhere without first checking for the existence of a secure parking nearby, or even consult with the hotel in which you are going to be staying in a trip if your parking lot is prepared for a car that is unusually wide and low.

It involves the curious situations and surreal, sometimes funny, sometimes unbearable. All of this comes a tale of a video that we saw these days, of the youtuber Salomondrin, which shows us, from a parody, situations that are likely to be faced in these years driving sports.

Driving a sports, or car, or exotic, involves in some measure to yield your privacy.

Driving a sports, or car, or exotic, involves in some measure to yield your privacy. You should not miss when you see that a passer-by takes out a mobile phone to record or take a photo, and even less of that to stop in a parking lot, someone asked for permission to take a picture with the car, in the best cases, because in many others, will make your selfie without asking your permission. That, in a certain measure, is a problem for many people, because they drive or have a sport does not mean to assume the role of a Hollywood star. And I assure you that more than one colleague has come to change their daily habits while testing a sports to avoid these situations. As well as many drivers with a liquidity much higher than the average of most mortals avoid acquiring sports, or limiting the use of the sports that they have in their garage for the weekend, to avoid this type of situations, and any ostentation of the money.

In a few days testing a sport it is normal that you face several times to situations that, although may seem a cliché, is continuously produced. how Much cost this car? How much do you run? Can you quit accelerating fund, or revving the engine in neutral?

Nor is it strange another situation, which generates curious anecdotes to tell at a dinner with friends, or with coworkers. The moment that you become a magnet to attract controls the police, or the Guardia Civil, although usually by the attraction generated in the agents, the car you drive, and the mere curiosity.


The worst thing is when the wonder and even fascination of the people to see the car, is transformed into envy, and contempt.

let’s Say that situations like the above fall within what is reasonable, and not at all unpleasant. The worst thing is when the wonder and even fascination of the people to see the car, is transformed into envy, and contempt. The contempt of that driver that will not let you join your lane and looking at you intently in your mind is likely to be thinking of any cliché about a young man less than 30 years driving a sports more than 200,000 euros. Or even worse, contempt, and envy of, not just what you think, but even I expressed verbally. Driving a sporty sometimes means that you call all. Often you will not hear the expletives, but in many other cases, especially if it circulates with the windows down, or descapotado, you will hear. In all these years working for motor my colleagues and I have faced all kinds of circumstances, some even moving from verbal aggression, to situations close to the physical aggression.

Driving a sporty supposed, therefore, many negative aspects which to many does not always outweigh the positive aspects. Many negative aspects that, unfortunately, many times have to do with envy and, above all, with the lack of education of the people.

Myths and realities of being a tester of cars