Deconstructing myths “rafters are for summer”

If you have a convertible surely you’ve heard that from “is now that you’re going to enjoy” as dangerously July. Your smile, smirk and nod repeatedly, why not convertibles are not for summer , in fact, except times of hurricanes and periods of torrential rain is the worst time … or It is that perhaps there is someone who likes to be in the sunshine of Madrid at 3 o’clock in the jam and sausage roadster?

Spring . The primeravera is the key to open-top driving. Yes, you have to deal with days of rain and occasional annoying wind day, but despite the weather will be much less obtrusive and more bearable temperatures in addition to combat thermometer and heating jacket coup, taking into account certain heating systems with aerators neck always welcome and heated seats.

All we have in mind that idyllic scene Riviera and secondary road turn, a convertible and the Mediterranean at our feet, the problem is when you leave behind the side road and you get into a traffic jam and there is where At stake is the hood and blessed Air conditioning .

No, convertibles are not for summer, are for the whole year and I assure you driving convertible sunny days of autumn and spring is much more pleasant to do in summer , therefore, the Next time that you may topĂ©is with a type convertible in the February you do not look odd, with a jacket and the heating are doing great and no, if it rains and you circulate by highway at rates of 120 km / h no water to the interior … although perhaps, yes, that either exceeded.

The only summer sale has against any other station are nights.


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