Deconstructing myths: the IIHS analyzes the beacons of 31 new cars and only 1 approved

how The latest technology is synonymous with carrying the best lighting system in your car? This is the question that has been proposed to respond to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, IIHS, putting it to the test no less than 31 cars for sale in the U.S. and at the same time are present in many other markets of the world. Simple tests, performance, quality and range of their headlights to verify how true it is that each manufacturer carries the best lighting system. The results will leave you with your mouth open.

How only 1 car of 31 analyzed passed this test on systems of lighting?

The IIHS has taken nothing less than a fleet of 31 cars for this first test large-scale of the performance and quality of the lighting systems. We talk about 31 cars of all types, but that are for sale in the U.S. in these times and that is presented as reference models in their respective segments at the level of sales.

The test proposed by the IIHS does not differentiate between technologies, so that eliminates the factor of “latest trend” and only examines the real quality of the lighting. The test compares this mode, and in equality of conditions, systems of lighting by bulb halogen, Xenon or LED, technologies that today coexist in different models.

bmw-laserlight-02-1440pxTo evaluate the headlights of the vehicles, the IIHS employs a system of self-development which evaluates independently each lighthouse, differentiating between the bundles to light and short to long light. In this way, each one of the 31 cars tested takes you on a journey of testing in low ambient light conditions to check the scope of your optics, the amplitude of the beam that is emitted, the intensity and the probability that it offers to dazzle other drivers. The route alternate routes in a straight line with turns in both directions and curves with different radii.

NO, the latest technology is not synonymous with the best quality

The results are… devastating. Of the 31 cars analysed, only the Toyota Prius+ (Prius V in the U.S.) you get a result completely good. In the grade “acceptable” as meaning a minimum results we found 11 cars, seeing as the remaining 19 cars tested are vying for the worst ratings among lighting, marginal or poor. Just these last two qualifications offer a glimpse into the less pessimistic about the systems of lighting, Bixenon and LED of last generation, because these 19 models are mostly models of recent arrival to the market where his innovations in lighting are one of their main demands.

iihs-test-faros-coches-2016-00Dese this analysis invites reflection, and it is more often that seems to confuse the latest technology with the best quality. After trying dozens of lighting systems in cars of all kinds and prices, I have to admit that I have seen around, finding LED systems of performance very doubtful front lighting systems Xenon high above the lights of the latest generation of LED or laser. And this is a very important point that we should not forget, because lighting is one of the most important points when talking about security, as to see and be seen is crucial in order to prevent accidents and abuses.

Source: IIHS
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