Deconstructing myths: the solar roofs decrease the stiffness of the car

Perhaps you have ever wondered. Frankly, it was one of my hobbies. Not wanted a car with sunroof, thinking that the car would lose stiffness. But the experience and the knowledge of the world of the engine has made me see that this statement was in its great part, a myth. Why? However, the solar roofs – or roofs scenic – have other advantages and disadvantages associated that is worth exploring. And are becoming more common in the standard equipment of the car. This is what you need to know.

do Not decrease the stiffness of the car

Are installed in compliance with the cross-bars of reinforcement of the bodywork, replaced by glass, a simple sheet of steel.

Today, the cars are prepared for mounting of series huge sunroofs with panoramic views. A picture is worth a thousand words. Do you see the outline of the chassis of this Volvo S90? The pillars longitudinal are the primary responsible of the rigidity of the body, acting out the cross-bars of high-strength steel as further reinforcement. A solar roof is mounted between said cross bars, replacing what would be a sheet of steel in a car without a sun roof with a small window.

techo-solar-1All cars must pass stringent security tests in the event of a rollover, and should support several times your weight on the roof. Now, if the car was not ready to have a sun roof, and has been installed after the fact – cutting a piece of the bodywork – could be affected the stiffness of the body. It is not recommended to perform such modification, or to buy a car that has installed a roof on an “amateur”. Take a look now at this picture of a Audi A4 of recent invoice.

techo-solar-2Between the top point of the A-pillar and the top of the C-pillar there is a big gap open, which is used to install a sun roof panoramic large dimensions – in models that have been equipped for that option. does Not affect the rigidity of the whole, not “cut” any cross bar reinforcement. In the case of convertibles, the absence of pillars, longitudinal requires heavy reinforcement in the bottom of the car, and are committed to its rigidity, but that is a different story.

But add weight and complexity to your car

A sun roof good size can offer you some of the advantages of a convertible without its disadvantages.

although the solar roofs and panorama factory does not affect the stiffness of a car, yes add weight. Your glass is double, and is mounted on an additional frame made of metal usually. If you are motorized, but require an electric motor, a curtain on the inside – sometimes also motorized – and a small spoiler. Add a few kilos to the total weight of the car and with the time and the miles, they may develop small slacks or a small loss of sealing. Keep this in mind when buying a new car.


And what in case of an accident?

what Is more secure a piece of metal that a piece of glass? The glass breaks with the greatest ease to the intrusion of external objects, while the metal simply bends. There is a much greater margin of protection without a panorama sunroof, and in any of the cases, the energy in the event of a rollover will be dissipated by the pillars. Now, if the car has received a facility not professional – no factory – roof solar, yes, there may be serious problems in the event of an accident. Don’t do it.

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