Defective airbag Takata now also burn

scandal Takata is still present today in the industry. Million cars called to review and evidence of serious defects that would have identified them, in some cases, fatal, have made the issue become a major concern. The latter comes from Japan, a country that until now had not connected the defective airbags, any Nissan, with injuries sustained in an accident. Investigations have revealed that the airbag itself would have caused a fire .

The explosion – by default – the airbag triggered a fire in the dashboard of a car which had an accident which initially was not of any severity .

The brand has launched this notice has been Nissan (Automotive News), which has already made a call to review the models that could be affected in August 2013. A Nissan X-Trail, made August 2001, suffered a side collision in his right side, in the driver’s door (in Japan the direction of travel is reversed). So the impact caused the side airbag with an explosion desplegase compelling enough to shatter the passenger window (across) and incandescent fragments launch the dashboard, which ultimately have caused the fire.

The impact, which initially would not have been strong enough to cause injury to passengers resulted in injuries – do not know what consideration – and burns on his left cheek of the driver . At this point, and even if you have evidence that the fire was caused by the airbag, it is not clear whether the injury to the driver are directly due to the action of the airbag. Recall again that suffered injuries to his left cheek and the airbag was deployed in the door, on the right side.

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