Definition of happiness: this Ferrari F40, sailing skiing and sliding in the snow

A Day in The Life, is a short film that Red Bull Japan just posted just a few hours. And it could be summed up in the definition of happiness. A cut sleeve to all those collectors that turn their supercars in queens garage, and instruments of financial investment, leaving your tires and your oil will rot by not rolling. A Ferrari F40 happy, that you venture off the tarmac, terrorizing skiers in the Ryuoo Ski Resort, shoes with huge chains on their rear rollers and pneumatic nails. Oh. Yes.

Fantastic headlights yellow of competition, and a tent mounted on its roof. You will not believe it until you see it.

This Ferrari F40 belongs to Takeshi Kimura, a wealthy fan of supercars and lifestyle “of the rich”. Someone who at least knows how to lead, and gives him equal to the market value of your Ferrari eighties is close to one million euros. In this short, wakes up, makes a quick breakfast, introduce his cassette favorite on the radio of the car and makes the road. How is it possible to go for camping in the snow in a F40? Simply loading the roof with all the stuff needed. This is how things are done.

f40-nieve-derrapeIn the snow, rent chains to the huge rear rollers, while the front axle is shod with tires from nails. With a good traction, even a supercar as analog as the Ferrari F40 is capable of cleaving through the snow without difficulties, going up slopes that considerable. echoes of the engine 2.9 V8 478 HP echo in the snowy forest, without a soul in sight. Night falls and it’s time for camping. A camping gas, a chair, a few noodles… and to sleep. Or maybe not so soon?

huge headlights yellow of your front is lit and begins a furious session of skidding on a ski track to be completely empty, with the pilot bathed in the dim backlight green of the instrumentation of the F40. Although we have not been there, the video transmits perfectly the sensations that the pilot has lived, that are certainly unique. I will be good, and will let you give the play, which I have put honey on the lips since yesterday. Unwind over, go up the volume, full screen and enjoy.

Of nothing.

Source: Red Bull | Speedhunters
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