Delays in Alfa Romeo: Giulia and the first SUV of the brand will take even longer to arrive

Bad news alfistas. If creíais that with the staging of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde everything was going to go “shot” as for the Italian firm were in the wrong, although yes, we had strong reasons to believe that the plan to relaunch Alfa Romeo as I was going to go from strength to strength. In accordance with Automotive News there will be delays in the next releases of the Italian brand.

The Alfa romeo Giulia will be the faces with the BMW Series 3 in mid-2016:

The Alfa Romeo 4C was on hand to inaugurate this new phase for Alfa Romeo, a new stage in the u.s. market will also play an important role.

As we have pointed out several sources to Automotive News the commercial launch of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia will be delayed 6 months until the middle of next year, but no, this would not be the only delay that you would experience the new batch of products Alpha.

in Addition to the delay of the Alfa Romeo Giulia, we would be faced with a delay of 9 months in the launch of the new SUV brand, leaving us with a staging business, a arrival to the streets, scheduled for early 2017.

we Must remember that alongside these new models, along with the new Giulia and the SUV medium-sized, expect more new models, among which we would be faced with the replacement for the Giulietta, a sedan with larger dimensions, situated above the Giulia and a SUV large.