DeLorean, a dream come true: if you were born in the eighties, you know what we mean

Gustavo explained why driving your car in a very simple way: “ I was born in the eighties, so I have a DeLorean “. So it has a DeLorean, and that is the envy of those who were born in the eighties. The DeLorean DMC -12 is an icon, a car that three decades later still a spectacle. Icon for the story surrounding this model and brand who ventured to make it. So even the reason why all know this car, appeared in Back to the Future, be relegated to a mere anecdote.

less than 9,000 units of this model were manufactured. It is believed that still remain more than 6,000, many in perfect condition, as Gustavo unit.

Gustavo would contact us to send the track of this video, we now share with you. A video that we liked and that will probably make you dream for a moment to have a car like this in the garage. A video with enough passion, shot by our colleague Alejandro Palomo and Alejandro Rubio for classic web Scuderia. One of those videos that invites you to run the numbers and try to get one of the few units that can be found in Europe . Between Texas and Northern Ireland less than 9,000 units were produced. And it is believed that remain, many in perfect condition, like this video, more than 6,000 units.

Honestly well worth devoting seven minutes in this video. I assure you.

Source: Scuderia
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Even without fluzo capacitor, the DeLorean DMC-12 is even more special


Gallery : Even without fluzo capacitor, the DeLorean DMC-12 is even more special
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view photos (16)


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