Delphi designed a chip to connect to pedestrians and cars, and to avoid abuses (among other things)

Although most of the applications of the car connected are still presented from a theoretical perspective, Delphi announces some of the technologies that will begin to be introduced this year, including the long-awaited Super Cruise of the new Cadillac CTS 2017, which will be equipped with driving semi-autonomous, to travel long distances on the highway without the driver’s intervention. The million dollar question is the following, do I have to buy a premium car, the latest technology, to take advantage of these solutions? According to Delphi are already working on a system aftermarket that you can equip any driver in your car, although this series was not endowed with this degree of connectivity. Meanwhile, Delphi just tell us in the CES 2016 how you intend to connect to pedestrians and cars in order to avoid abuses.

The technology of the car connected to Delphi aims to advocate for the connectivity in 5 areas of well-differentiated:

Communication car-to-car. To get all the cars are connected to each other, and are able to “see”, even though there is no visual contact between them. – Communication between cars and traffic signals. This technology will communicate to our cars with the infrastructure that surrounds them, for example to know the state of the traffic lights, and to anticipate the lights in amber or in red, and keep us from the jump. It would work over wireless connections of short range. – See behind the corners. Implement a system that technically we can detect if other cars are approaching an intersection. This is especially interesting for intersections with awkward angles. – Car sharing. Delphi would like to promote the idea of car sharing, not only as a business, under the services that we have already seen in Europe, such as car2go, but as a strategy for sharing expenses among friends or family. So, thanks to this technology we could locate the car at any time and book a trip. – Communication between car and pedestrian. As implanting a chip to all pedestrians does not seem a reasonable solution, Delphi has developed a microchip which could be installed on any mobile phone. In this way the cars could not only aware of our closeness, even without visual contact, or in a hypothetical failure of the systems of recognition of images current, but it would alert the driver that a pedestrian is located near us, or in our path, while you are distracted playing with the phone or sending messages by Whatsapp.


  • These strategies for the car connected, could be introduced, according to Delphi, very soon. And this manufacturer ensures that very soon you will begin to provide automobile manufacturers with technologies capable of providing these functionalities.

    Source: Delphi
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