Demand to a Ford dealership, to get his F-250 guerrillas syrians

please do not call to that phone number. The owner is not dedicated to war or have any relationship with these gentlemen

two years Ago, the lord Mark Look approached the dealer-AutoNation Ford Golf Freeway to buy a 2012 Ford F-250. As part of the payment, gave his truck used the same model as the 2005, which still had the tags of your plumbing business, Mark-1 Plumbing.

At the dealership asked him to please not remove the label (I was about to remove it by hand), because it could damage the paint, and that they would charge. By what is seen, not what they did. In less than a year, the pick-up ended up in Syria, after passing through Turkey, and after that someone was up in a boat days after delivery to the first owner.

Although the dealership is not responsible of the truck is finished there, yes it is you have gotten rid of it without removing the label. The lord Look received more than 200 phone calls a day, because there are people who believe that he is himself a terrorist, and your life has become very uncomfortable.

The F-250 has an aa gun of large calibre installed on your box, effective against helicopters and planes

therefore, it does not have left more remedy than to sue the dealer, requires a compensation of a million dollars. Probably, the pick-up Ford most expensive in the world. What makes for moral damages and economic, as their work load has dropped significantly when you become so famous your old work vehicle.

Look goes everywhere with a gun because you fear for your safety. Meanwhile, the 2005 Ford F-250 wanders through Syria with a guerrilla of the “Brigade Muhajireen”, who fights against the Government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria. Were allies of the ill-named “Islamic State” (IS, ISIS or EI), but currently are on your own.

The brand Toyota had to respond a few weeks ago that has nothing to do with the fact that the vehicles most common to see in the war in Syria are Toyota Hilux. Or Toyota, or Ford, and no manufacturer can have control over the market, second -, and nth-hand, once they lose track of the vehicles.

The million-dollar question is who embarked on the 2005 F-250 for Turkey?