Dendrobium, the supercar Singapore teaches us its first official images


A profile that seems straight out of a Batman movie

few weeks Ago, we already talked about this peculiar hiperdeportivo electric of asian origin, which for those moments, only had a few sketches, very well-made, incidentally, with that we could get an idea of the impressive line of this car.

Now the brand creator of this beast: Vanda Electrics, has published a series of images to mode teaser in which we can see some of the final details of the unique sports. As we saw in the previous article that I was not going to be just a car that will pass unnoticed before the eyes of those present at the upcoming Salon of the Car of Geneva in 2017.

let us Remember that this is an ambitious project of hiperdeportivo electric capable of reaching astronomical figures, such as his huge power of 1500 CV, its nothing less than 4.000 NM maximum torque or acceleration from 0 to 100 Km/h in 2.6 seconds. All a statement of intentions.


Possess a type of lights, what is most peculiar so that you can appreciate

Its spectacular design, more close to a race car, is based on the orchid type Dendrobium from which it draws its name. You will have doors and roof can be operated automatically, that once opened completely give you that particular feeling of this flower-of-origin singaporean.

The car you see in the Room will be just a concept, not a final model. The specific purpose of your presentation will be to show to the assistants the possibility of the creation of the brand and collect all the impressions and opinions possible, for in the future, you may find us with a finished model and ready to jump to the roads.

Generally, this type of stratospheric sports do not tend to give the face a after the completion of the show in question. With this we can have a minimal hope that they will materialize and enjoy it in real life, since, as already discussed in the previous article, the manufacturer has partnered with a major brands of engineering vehicle as it is Williams Advanced Engineering


Your headlights will be almost vertical, to the purest style of the Lamborghini Veneno

The mark, possibly unknown to most of our readers, has already given some products to the world of electric mobility, among which we can find a small electric motorcycle or a small commercial vehicle, naturally none of them as ambitious as the project discussed in this article.

it Sounds a little science fiction, a trademark of these features can be reached to bring about a hiperdeportivo of such magnitude. To have hopes.


A silhouette closer to a car of Le Mans, which to a supercar for street use