Dennis says that McLaren will be the next champion after the was Mercedes

Ron Dennis y Fernando AlonsoA long era of dominance all of Ferrari left a new stage, something more hard-fought, despite the superiority of Brawn GP, and then back to the domain of a team, the Red Bull. This new phase lasted for four years, in which the team of energy drinks would overtake the rest with a dramatic difference. After Red Bull, the privileged information received by Mercedes meant that your project was the most advanced and now the engine has made the difference.

to Devote more resources to the development of the chassis have been made to the aerodynamics and chassis of the Mercedes have also evolved considerably. Currently are the second best chassis/aerodynamics behind Red Bull. Then came McLaren and then Ferrari, Toro Rosso and Williams. The conjunction of both parties make the Mercedes already take to dominate two years and the present. But it was Mercedes not to last eternal, according to Ron Dennis.

Ron DennisMcLaren is the team that’s more eager to have the radical changes in aerodynamics to be held in 2017. Are the main drivers of this change, and after the impeccable concept of 2017, McLaren could have another car as the McLaren-Mercedes that he was able to lead Fernando Alonso, but now with the Honda engine, that also will progress a lot with the withdrawal of the tokens. (by the way, Honda will spend his 14 tokens of Canada to Belgium the following year. In addition it is rumored with a complete redesign to better suit the chassis, and the japanese invested huge amounts of time, money and manpower to catch up.

therefore, Ron Dennis is very confident with his project and he has expressed to the media: “The rules of 2017 should the grill and it is enough time to get up to date with Honda, so I think that we will have a good opportunity in the coming year. I believe that we can win races. I don’t want to predict titles, but to dethrone Mercedes is going to be a challenge for all and I have reasons to believe that we will arrive before anyone else.“. He has also had pleasant words for Fernando Alonso, who is considered the best.