Denza 400 EV, a B-Class electric, with 400 km of autonomy for China

Denza 400 EVmany non-os sound but BYD is a manufacturer of electric vehicles of chinese origin. It has recently been linked to Daimler for the development of automobiles in the region, establishing BYD Daimler New Technology (BDNT). This introduction serves to present his latest release, the Denza 400 EV. This is an update to the previous BYD Denza, which comes with a greater autonomy.

As already happened in its predecessor, this Denza 400 EV is based on a Mercedes B-Class of the first generation. The main innovation that introduces a new battery 62 kWh that replaces the previous one from 47.5 kWh. This translates into a greater autonomy, in particular amounts to the 400 miles (249 miles). This is well above the Nissan LEAF, european model which has 250 kilometres of autonomy.

Denza 400 EVAccording to Daimler, the owners of electric vehicles in China travel between 48 and 80 kilometres a day. Thanks to its high autonomy, it would only be necessary to recharge the Denza 400 EV once a week. Still have not been revealed technical data of the engine, but we start from the basis of the earlier developed 120 HP and 290 Nm of torque. Another of the qualities of the minivan will be your boot of 460 litres.

it Seems that the electric vehicle is having in China a higher success to which we currently see in Europe. This is because there the incentives for buying this type of cars are much higher. The objective is not other than to reduce the high levels of pollution in their cities. It are taking advantage of manufacturers such as BDNT and sure that models like this Denza 400 EV will sell well in this country.

Source – BDNT

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