Design and more design: Renault pays tribute to Le Corbusier with a new prototype


In 1965, died Le Corbusier, one of the greatest geniuses of architecture in the TWENTIETH century. Their contributions to modern architecture, and also the design, they are still tremendously valuable today. As a show of respect on this fiftieth anniversary of his death, in Renault have wanted to pay homage to him.

Renault Coupe Corbusier is a prototype created especially for the occasion by several design teams Groupe Renault. His style follows many of the principles and theories proposed by the French architect, and one must recognize that its appearance is striking, though unfortunately, and according to claim from the own brand, will not have greater relevance, or give rise to a new model of production.

In any case, this Renault Coupe Corbusier has been conceived as a glance into the future, keeping a few lines that transmit at the same time, classicism. Stands out for its low height, long bonnet and a wider wheel housings are also modular, being able to dock or undock panels porta-objects on the sides of your body.


Your grill, with a design very industrial, is the absolute star of its front part, next to the thin and elongated LED headlights. The opening its doors -scissor, reverse- also stands by itself, in a design exercise that aims to highlight its proportions and geometric lines.

has Not provided any additional, so that we do not know the inside or what engine could be moving to this spectacular prototype. In any case, these details are the least of it: design, design and more design is what stands out in the Renault Coupé Corbusier.

The prototype will be exhibited at the exhibition “Des voitures à habiter: automobile et modernism XXe-XXIe siècles”, which will take place in Villa Savoye (one of the most important works of Le Corbusier), between 22 October, 2015 and 20 march 2016, exploring the relationship between the car and the modernist architecture.

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