Despite the scandal of the TDI (and the scandal) the workers of Volkswagen in Germany will receive a premium of 3.950€

In Volkswagen are times of belt-tightening. It is not for less. The cost of repairs, damages, and penalties, derived from the scandal of the diesel unleashed in the united States has put in serious jeopardy the stability of the German giant. That is why we may be surprised that, in spite of this crisis, Volkswagen has announced a bonus of 3.950€ gross for all of their workers in Germany. We are speaking of more than 120,000 employees. And not only that, this bonus has occurred above all thanks to his work during the crisis of the TDI.

why provide to their employees in Germany? A manufacturer subsidizes, usually, to their workers as a reward for the good economic results that mark has had during the preceding year. This year, for example, we learned that Daimler (smart and Mercedes-Benz) bonificaría to their workers, 5.650€, and that Porsche would own with a bonus of 8.911€.

What we did not expect, or much less, is that Volkswagen, with a net loss of 1,600 million euros for everything that happened in the past few months with the scandal of the TDI, bonificase to their employees (see news item in the Expansion).


decision to reward its employees in Germany with 3.950€, that from the brand announces as a reward “for their effort in the success of the company in a difficult year”, forms part of an adjustment to the collective agreement with the trade union of the metal sector. A decision has been taken after negotiations between the board of directors of the company and the company committee of the factories in Braunschweig, Emden, Hannover, Kassel, Saltzgitter and Wolfsburg.

on the other hand, we also cannot forget another of the points that most controversy is generating these days, the salaries and bonuses of the executive of Volkswagen, which would have led to 400 million euros since 2011 for the brand (Automotive News). There are not a few who have been scandalized by the fact that Martin Winterkorn, the former CEO of Volkswagen, received a compensation of 9.3 million euros after leaving his position, assuming the responsibility that comes with his position after a scandal as important as that of the TDI in the united States.