Destroy your LaFerrari and frightens its neighbors in Beverly Hills

These days came to light a disturbing video. Starting with abuse that was made of a supercar as a laferrari , which is pretty much less when we think of the risk involved in going too fast through a residential area. The video showed us the owner of the LaFerrari near his body, and low, shamelessly full throttle and chased by a GT3 . Until at one point, that LaFerrari stopped at the entrance of a house, next to the aforementioned GT3 and a Bugatti Veyron, with a lot of smoke behind him.

According to Jalopnik, the police would already investigating the owner, who apparently have argued that has diplomatic immunity . Recently I spoke precisely of the spoils of foreign diplomatic corps in Spain, such as import vehicles duty-free, or VAT not pay tax, use special plates, or prevent problems with approvals. Luckily it does not seem that diplomats leading sports in our country, if any Hayles, the driver behave like a LaFerrari.

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Gasoline without tax or free parking so are the perks of the foreign diplomatic corps in Spain

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