Detector Connect, it adds an eCall system to your vehicle


The Spanish company Group Detector has an extensive range of products for safety of our vehicles whether cars or bikes (Detector OnBike). Earlier we talked to you about the advantages of having hired these services ensure the recovery of the vehicle in case of theft with 96% of the cases of success in just 2.5 hours half-time. Now the manufacturer announced another new product, this time to protect you and yours.

Is a system eCall named Detector Connect. A emergency call system for greater security for you and yours. As you already know, it is an automatic system that puts you in contact with the central Detector in the event of an accident. In the event that the call is not answered or if you accurate any of the occupants, alert you quickly to emergency services sending the data of the vehicle, its exact location and other relevant data.

Currently, most modern vehicles have this system series and within a few years will be part of the security package of all new cars sold. However this product allows you to install the latest in technology for safety in any vehicle regardless of the age in the same.

But this package also has other additional services. For example the one that allows you to have your car always located quickly and easily through an App on your smartphone. You can always be sure of the exact location of your car by checking directly and unlimited, without intermediaries. Although it is not the only advantage of this product.

finally it also features a alert Towing. This feature alerts the owner that their vehicle is being moved from its place without the contact position, either because it is carrying the crane, or because it is being stolen.