Detroit Electric is advancing three new electric models


For a brand specialized in electric vehicles that aims to position itself as an alternative to competitors like Tesla and with only one model in their offer, the SP:01, it is essential to make a important investment.

And that is what made Detroit Electric last march, signing a joint-venture with the china Far East Smarter Energy setting a solid financial foundation of 1,800 million dollars to fund such an ambitious project that will extend over the next three years, on the basis of one model per year.

as stated by Richie Fros, technical Director and director of Detroit Electric, who has pointed out that “We’ve been working on for a long time to put our company in a position where we are ready to embark on this exciting journey”.

The sketch shows the silhouettes of the three new models, all-electric, a new crossover, a sedan and a sporty that could take over from the SP:01, a model based on the Lotus Elise, and that has not had the same success they expected as the Tesla Roadster.

Taking into account that it is a small manufacturer, the deadlines set by Detroit Electric for the launch of its new models -the luxury sedan will be submitted in 2019 and the crossover in 2020- are too optimistic, because the brand itself has confirmed that the three models will be developed from scratch based on a completely new platform and leaving the base Lotus.

This new architecture should allow to mount electric motors and batteries capable of providing autonomous regions higher than 500 km, a figure in which all the manufacturers are working to offer products reasonable, especially when the company has advanced also they aim to achieve an annual production volume of between 50,000 and 60,000 units with the new sedan and crossover.